Video 2017 edition:

Route :
The route will be traced in on the most beautiful roads which conceals Belgian Eiffel and Ardennes. With the countless number of rallies in which Robert Rorife and Willy Lux previously competed and where they gained their experience, this region is full of a splendid blend of twisting roads, combined with great panoramas, forests and views of the countryside. A highly precise road book will detail the route to be tackled.

The categories :
Teams will be able to chose the most appropriate.

The entire course arrowed in quantity surveying and oriented with maximum 4 regularities tests, all on paved roads with average schedules best suited and oscillating between 45 and 48 km/h.
The competitors, who don’t want to take part in the regularities tests, can discover the course.

Route mainly in ball and arrow (tulip style) format, a few maps 1/25.000 marked & in colour combined with several “Regularity Test”, +/- 0,5% very good unpaved roads.

Route in ball and arrow (tulip style) format, combined with un-measured sections with or without orientation, German arrow (also known as Herringbones), literary notes, 1/25.000 and/or 1/50.000 maps and including several “Regularity Test” sections, +/- 2,5% very good unpaved roads.













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